Grails Community Rock Star Award

The Grails Rock Star Award recognizes a member of the Grails Community for his or her outstanding contributions to the success of the Framework.

We invite you to nominate a member of the Grails Community to be recognized at GR8Conf US 2018.

Rock stars in the Grails community make a difference by:

  • Evangelizing Grails
  • Helping other users on Stack Overflow
  • Contributing ideas to the mailing lists
  • Reporting issues in our bug tracker
  • Contributing bug fixes or new features
  • Developing and maintaining Grails plugins
  • Documenting various aspects of the framework or its APIs
  • Improving Grails Documentation on the website 
Please nominate the 2018 Grails Rock Star below.

While we appreciate the recognition, members of the OCI Grails Team are not eligible to win.

You may nominate multiple individuals by returning to this page and filling out the form again.

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Privacy Notice

  • Names of nominees will not be released until they have been selected as finalists.
  • Nominators and finalists will be asked to agree to release their information to be included in publicity, including but not limited to, media release(s), Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn posts.


Congratulations to our 2017 Award Winner!

Eric Helgeson

Eric Helgeson was awarded the Grails Rock Star Award during the G3 Summit 2017 conference. Eric is the author of the book, Practical Grails 3, and he is often seen in the Grails Slack Community answering questions and helping other users. Moreover, Eric contributes to the Grails Community with code, plugin development, issues reporting, etc.

Congratulations, Eric! Keep up the great work!