Micronaut Framework

Micronaut® is a modern, Open Source, JVM-based, full-stack framework for building modular, easily testable microservice and serverless applications.

Micronaut Features & Benefits

Fast Startup Time — Low Memory Consumption

Build a Lean Cloud Deployment with Micronaut

Reflection-based IoC frameworks load and cache reflection data for every single field, method, and constructor in your code.

With Micronaut, your application startup time and memory consumption are not bound to the size of your codebase.

Micronaut Features

Monumental Leap in Startup Time

Blazing-Fast Throughput

Minimal Memory Footprint

Cloud-Native Architecture

Micronaut and GCP

Micronaut and Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Leverage the combined power of Micronaut and GCP to build and deploy lightning-fast, ultra-lightweight serverless and microservice applications at scale.

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Micronaut and AWS

Micronaut and Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Micronaut’s built-in AWS support includes service discovery, shared configuration, distributed tracing, cloud instance metadata, and more.

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Who's Using Micronaut®?

Who's Using Micronaut

Technical Resources

Everything you need to get started building your own applications with Micronaut!

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