Micronaut® Features & Benefits

Building and deploying microservices and serverless applications using Micronaut® enables extraordinary benefits over other frameworks.


Sub-Second Startup Time. With Micronaut, your application startup time and memory consumption are not bound to the size of your codebase, allowing for lightning-fast startup times.

Low Memory Consumption. Micronaut empowers you to declaratively build reactive HTTP clients that are implemented at compile-time, significantly reducing memory consumption. Micronaut's tiny processes may run in as little as 8mb of heap.

Fast and Easy Testing. Micronaut's built-in testing framework comprises a simple collection of extensions for JUnit 5 and Spock that allow you to easily spin up servers and clients in your unit tests and run them instantaneously.

Seamless API Visibility. With its smooth learning curve and non-blocking HTTP server built on Netty, Micronaut effortlessly exposes APIs that may be consumed by HTTP clients.

Optimized Developer Productivity. Micronaut is a modern developer toolkit, inspired by and inclusive of the many developer-productivity traits inherent in Grails and other Spring-based technologies, including dependency injection, AOP, configuration management, and more.


Polyglot Framework. Micronaut supports building applications in Groovy, Java, and Kotlin. Its design takes heavy inspiration from Spring and Grails to ensure that it is as simple as possible for developers to become fully proficient with the framework.

Declarative, Reactive, Compile-Time HttpClient. Micronaut features both an HTTP client and an HTTP server built on Netty, plus a range of tools to aid deployment into a cloud environment.

Efficient Compile-Time Dependency Injection and AOP. Micronaut provides a simple compile-time aspect-oriented programming API that does not use reflection.

Cloud-Native Architecture. Micronaut's cloud support is built right in, including support for common discovery services, distributed tracing tools, and cloud runtimes.

Fast Data-Access Configuration. Micronaut provides sensible defaults that automatically configure your favorite data access toolkit and APIs to make it easy to write your own integrations.

Ahead-of-Time (AOT) Compilation. AOT compilation allows Java applications to be optimally built for scenarios such as low-memory footprint microservices, IoT, serverless apps, and more.

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