Simplify Your Code With Micronaut's Declarative HTTP Client

In this complimentary webinar, 2GM team member, Puneet Behl, demonstrates the features and benefits of Micronaut's powerful HTTP client.

Simplify Your Code With Micronaut's Declarative HTTP Client

The recording for this webinar is unavailable, but you can download the slide deck here.

Micronaut's HTTP client is robust, powerful, and loaded with features that put the "cloud" in "cloud-native." 

Micronaut's HTTP client supports many cloud-ready features, including retry, service discovery, circuit breaker, and more. Join us for this 1-hour complimentary webinar to learn how to take full advantage of Micronaut's HTTP client, using both imperative and declarative styles. Get an introduction to the technology and learn how to use it, not just in your Micronaut applications, but in Grails and Spring applications as well. 

The following topics are covered in this webinar:

  • Introduction to the Micronaut HTTP client
  • Using the HTTP client in both imperative and declarative styles
  • Using the HTTP client in Micronaut application
  • Using the HTTP client in a Grails and a Spring application
  • Configuration
  • Reactive, recovery, service discovery, and more
  • Testing the JSON REST API using Micronaut

No particular expertise with Micronaut is required. However, we recommend attendees have a familiarity with Java or Groovy, since most of the examples used are written in Java.

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