Introducing XTypes

Learn how the DDS XTypes features in OpenDDS support powerful and flexible data modeling for the distributed publish/subscribe paradigm.

DDS defines a way to build distributed applications using a data-centric publish and subscribe model. In this model, publishing and subscribing applications communicate via Topics, and each Topic has a data type. A precondition for this model is that all applications agree on data-type definitions for each Topic that they use.

The Object Management Group's DDS XTypes (Extensible and Dynamic Topic Types) specification relaxes the requirement on applications to have a common notion of data types (schema). When using XTypes, the application developer adds IDL annotations that indicate where the types may vary between publisher and subscriber and how those variations are handled by the middleware.

In this complimentary 40-minute on-demand webinar, you'll find out how using OpenDDS's XTypes features in your distributed applications enables another aspect of decoupling publishers from subscribers and facilitates evolution of data types.

Take Your XTypes Knowledge To the Next Level

Now you know why DDS XTypes are a game changer for developers building distributed applications.

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