Secure IIoT with OpenDDS

See how an Industrial IoT application is secured using OpenDDS.

OpenDDS Secure IIoT Demo

With the upcoming implementation of Object Management Group's (OMG's) security specification, OpenDDS will soon be the only open source data distribution service to feature advanced security capabilities, making it a flexible and cost-effective choice for mission-critical applications.

Learn more about how these security features will make OpenDDS a powerful, secure, high-level framework for distributed real-time applications.


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OpenDDS is OCI’s open source implementation of OMG’s standard Data Distribution Service (DDS). 

Developers use OpenDDS as a framework for enabling C++ and Java applications to distribute data over a network in a decoupled publish/subscribe paradigm.

Unlike low-level transport protocols, OpenDDS middleware is aware of the schema and semantics of the data it distributes, which allows it to use advanced Quality of Service (QoS) options to address many distributed computing challenges.

OpenDDS interoperates with other DDS implementations. 

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