Industry Solutions

OpenDDS is the secure and scalable connectivity framework connecting and powering next-generation systems

Autonomous Vehicles

The fourth industrial revolution calls for revolutionary solutions. OpenDDS delivers on its promise to auto manufacturers to make vehicles smarter, more capable, more sustainable, and more exciting than ever before.

As the leading open source connectivity framework, OpenDDS meets the safety and security requirements of autonomous systems, and is proven in globally adopted, safety-critical product lines across consumer and government markets.

Aerospace & Defense

Mission-critical connectivity calls for scalability, reliability, and security on an open, modular architecture. OpenDDS is the leading open source connectivity framework and is trusted by government and military organizations for critical applications.

OpenDDS interoperates with other DDS implementations, helping to minimize integration, maintenance, and upgrade costs, and enabling rapid reconfiguration to meet evolving requirements.

High-Precision Robotics

OpenDDS plays a key role in many modern robotics frameworks and is used to develop reusable, scalable, and maintainable systems, especially those with demanding requirements. 

OpenDDS supports an open architecture, which means software modules and algorithms for robots can be adapted to new platforms and requirements, not only reducing cost and time-to-market for complete robotics systems, but also improving overall system performance.

Case Study

The U.S. Army maintains its tactical advantage with state-of-the-art IoT edge solutions powered by OpenDDS.

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