Mission-Critical Data Distribution For Armored Vehicles


Data Distribution Strategy for Military Vehicles Improves Fleet Performance

OpenDDS delivers on its promise of reliability, scalability, and fault-tolerance under rugged conditions characterized by complex and restrictive terrain.

The Client

A division of a U.S. defense contractor that supports the United States military’s vehicle-based systems with hardware and software for intelligence gathering, reconnaissance and surveillance, information integration, decision support, and target management

Relevant Background

A modern combat vehicle fleet is critical to the success of the United States Armed Forces. In particular, the United States Army’s differential advantage over adversaries derives from the combination of well-led, well-trained soldiers and advanced technology.

Combat vehicles are one such example of how speed, protection, and technical sophistication give our armed forces the ability to gain positions of relative advantage while reducing the likelihood of casualties in combat.

The Challenge

In order to maintain a tactical advantage, modern combat vehicles must be equipped with state-of-the-art communications systems that allow for instantaneous communications between disparate components, including sensors, embedded hardware, mast operations, map and intelligence data, alarm and weaponry systems, telemetry subsystems, and more.

To complicate matters further, each system component varies in terms of its programming language, platform, and operating system.

The Land Systems Division approached us seeking a way to integrate these critical system components using a low-latency data connectivity protocol capable of scaling across this complex ecosystem of devices at ultra-high speed with extreme reliability.

The Solution

Thanks to its high-performance, scalable, secure, and completely decentralized architecture, OpenDDS is the clear choice for reliable and efficient distribution of data between multiple system components.

OpenDDS is the leading Open Source implementation of the Object Management Group (OMG) Data Distribution Service (DDS). Unlike many other messaging solutions, OpenDDS helps users reliably and securely harness ever-increasing amounts of device-generated data while processing the data in real time and acting on events as quickly as they occur.

U.S. military engagements often require maximum endurance in rugged, hostile environments characterized by extreme temperatures, restrictive terrain, and unpredictable impediments.

OpenDDS’s powerful infrastructure withstands rigorous conditions, allowing soldiers to count on uninterrupted operation of mission-critical systems under fire.

Technical Specifications Of This Solution:
  • Languages: Java, C++, C#

  • User Interfaces: JavaFX, C#

  • Datastores: Hibernate and SQLServer

  • Geographic Tools: WorldWind and Geotrans

  • Middleware and Embedded Technologies: OpenDDS, Ethernet, serial and CAN Bus communications, custom drivers displaying video from proprietary hardware, PIC Microcontroller programming

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