Rapid Stack

Rapid Stack

Rapid Stack simplifies the app development process and reduces the risk of failure, empowering the world to build great things faster.

The Problem

As our world grows more complex, application architecture has also grown more complex. Modern applications exist as a series of layers running on multiple machines; we call this the application stack. Each layer of this stack requires a different set of skills in order to code effectively, and none of these layers can function independently.

The unfortunate result of this complexity is that the first web application written by a new developer comes after grueling work, hundreds of hours of study, and an experience consisting mostly of failure. 

The Solution

Rapid Stack is a lightweight framework for quick web app development. With Rapid Stack, there is no need to manually cobble together a development environment; you can onboard a developer into an existing Rapid Stack project and provide a complete development environment in minutes.

The low cost and low risk of adopting Rapid Stack will lead to a creative freedom that developers do not have today. You can now enjoy the ability to experiment with ideas that you might otherwise dismiss due to lack of time or experience.

The ability to rapidly stand up, experiment, and tear down without fear is critical to innovation.

This is Rapid Stack.

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Rapid Stack was created in our Innovation Lab to foster creative app development and painless prototyping.

We understand that being a good citizen in the open source community means giving back. Through our financial support and open source project contributions, we help keep the ecosystem strong.

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