Unleash Innovation & Build Modern Applications With Rapid Stack

What developers need is a low-cost, low-risk tool that quickly provides a complete development environment to experiment in and simplifies app prototyping, so they can try out their ideas without needing advanced skills in every programming domain.

Rapid Stack is that tool.

In our highly interconnected world, applications now exist as a series of layers running on multiple machines (or machine environments), and effectively coding each layer of this application stack requires a different set of skills.

Rapid Stack is an open source development tool that provides a solid foundation to rapidly create your applications and receive immediate results with less frustration. You can work at any level of the stack with nothing more than a text editor and adapt the software to fit your individual needs.

We hope Rapid Stack will encourage a new wave of innovative software engineering, provide painless prototyping, and ultimately make coding fun again!

Ready to meet Rapid Stack? Join its creator, Dorian Yeager, for this complimentary, on-demand 60-minute webinar to learn all about it!

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