Xtrack.ai — Driving Rail Safety

Xtrack.ai uses AI technology to find the root cause of Positive Train Control (PTC) braking incidents instantaneously, meaning compliance reports can be generated automatically at a fraction of the cost and effort of traditional methods.

Keeping our railways safe with faster, lower-cost root cause identification

Xtrack.ai At a Glance

Xtrack.ai uses AI technology to instantaneously identify the root cause of braking incidents, allowing railway companies to generate Positive Train Control (PTC) compliance reports at a fraction of the cost and effort of traditional methods.

Here's a glimpse of how Xtrack.ai will work for you:

Assessing PTC log data


When a braking incident occurs, Xtrack.ai does all of the work of analyzing PTC log data relevant to the incident.

Finding the root cause


After a quick and thorough analysis of the PTC log data, Xtrack.ai identifies the root cause of the braking incident.

Compiling the required report

Report Generation

Xtrack.ai creates a detailed PTC compliance report for submission to the Federal Railroad Administration.

Delivering the report via web-based user interface

Report Delivery

Xtrack.ai delivers a user-friendly and easily accessible PTC report via web-based user interface.

Xtrack.ai is a priceless tool for any railroad company that's committed to providing safe and cost-effective service.

Xtrack.ai in Action

Xtrack.ai is already helping a Class-1 railroad maintain its exemplary safety record, while providing a faster, more cost effective way to meet its regulatory demands.

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“We are learning things about our data that was never possible before. As a result, we can implement continuous process improvements to increase stability, find excess capacity, and continue to make the railroad safer.”

—Director, Positive Train Control Operations

Reimagine Compliance ... and More!

Xtrack.ai opens up tremendous possibilities for leaders in the railroad industry. The technology is already making huge strides in improving operations efficiency, data accuracy, and railway safety . . . and we're just getting started!

Xtrack.ai will soon deliver enhanced capabilities in other areas important to railroads, including preventative maintenance, automation, and intelligent scheduling. Stay tuned!

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Under the Hood

Xtrack.ai was created in Object Computing’s Innovation Lab and is driven by Alyce.ai™, a revolutionary AI accelerator.

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