Event Date Location
Webinar: Agile Requirements Documentation: Tips and Tricks for Modern Teams 04/23/2019 Online
Conference: Indy.Code() 2019 04/24/2019 Indianapolis, Indiana
Conference: Gateway to Innovation (G2i) 04/25/2019 St. Louis, MO
Panel: Rise of the Machines: Unleashing Business Value through the Application of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Smart Automation 04/25/2019 Gateway to Innovation
Webinar: Micronaut and GraalVM: The Ultimate Recipe for Fast, Lightweight, Powerful Apps 04/26/2019 Online
Women Who Code Meetup: Hack the Network 04/30/2019 St. Louis, MO
Webinar: Deploying Micronaut to GCP 05/03/2019 Online
Conference: Devoxx UK 2019 05/08/2019 London, UK
Conference Session: Cloud-Native Microservices with Micronaut 05/08/2019 Devoxx UK
Webinar: Single-Page Apps Simplified with Grails and Vue.js 05/24/2019 Online
Conference: JBCNConf 2019 05/27/2019 Barcelona, Spain
Conference: Gr8Conf EU 2019 05/27/2019 Copenhagen, Denmark
Conference: JPrime 2019 05/28/2019 Sofia, Bulgaria
Conference Session: Cloud-Native Microservices with Micronaut 05/28/2019 jPrime
Workshop: Learn Micronaut: A Reactive Microservices Framework for the JVM 05/28/2019 JBCN Conf
Training Event: Micronaut from IoT to GCP at GR8Conf EU 05/30/2019 Copenhagen, Denmark
Webinar: Developing Alexa Skills with Micronaut 06/05/2019 Online
Conference: GOTO Amsterdam 2019 06/17/2019 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Introduction to Micronaut: Lightweight Microservices with Ahead-of-Time Compilation 06/18/2019 GOTO Amsterdam 2019
Webinar: Building Grails Apps on Google Cloud 07/12/2019 Online
St. Louis Java Users Meetup: GORM and GraphQL with Jeff Brown 08/08/2019 St. Louis, MO
Conference: Nebraska.Code() 2019 08/14/2019 Lincoln, NE
Conference: Prairie.Code() 2019 09/11/2019 Des Moines, IA
Webinar: Ethereum for Micronaut and Grails Developers 10/04/2019 Online