Catch up with Object Computing team members at conferences, Meetups, and other events around the world.

Event Date Location
Internet of Manufacturing 2020 Conference 09/28/2020 Online
ApacheCon North America [@Home] 2020 Conference 09/29/2020 Online 09/30/2020 Online Conference: Workforce Development Forum 10/01/2020 Online
Groovy and Data Science (workshop at ApacheCon) 10/01/2020 Online
Develop and Deploy Azure Functions with Micronaut 10/02/2020 Online
JConfMéx 10/03/2020 Online Conference Day 1: Our Planet & Beyond 10/07/2020 Online
The ABCs of Breaking Into Data Science (StL Machine Learning & Data Science Meetup) 10/13/2020 Online Conference Day 2: Health & Wellbeing 10/14/2020 Online
2GM Town Hall Meeting: 2020 Q4 10/16/2020 Online
Cloud Conference Day 10/17/2020 Online
Introduction to Spatial Data: How Reality Is Captured from Above (Women Who Code Meetup) 10/20/2020 Online Conference Day 3: AI at Work & Home 10/21/2020 Online
JConf Peru 2020 Conference 10/24/2020 Online Conference Day 4: Social Impact & Ethical Implications 10/28/2020 Online
Women in Tech Leadership Forum with SIM Saint Louis 11/02/2020 Online
Codemotion Madrid 2020 Conference 11/03/2020 Online
GIDS.Languages Live 2020 Conference 11/05/2020 Online
A Groovy Day of Training (workshop at GIDS.Lang Live) 11/11/2020 Online
ROS World 2020 11/12/2020 Online
Introduction to OpenDDS Programming Workshop 12/02/2020 Online
GIDS.AI&ML/Data Live 2020 Conference 12/03/2020 Online
Data Science with Groovy (workshop at GIDS.AI&ML/Data Live) 12/09/2020 Online