Event Date Location
Meetup: Launching the Micro Future: Groovy, Grails, and Micronaut 09/19/2018 Kansas City, KS
Meetup: Beyond Open Tracing 09/19/2018 St. Louis, MO
Conference: ApacheCon North America 2018 09/24/2018 Montreal, Canada
OMG Technical Meeting 09/24/2018 Ottawa, Canada
Introduction to OMG's Modeling and Middleware Specifications Tutorial 09/24/2018 OMG Technical Meeting
OMG Meet & Greet: Cyber Security Standards 09/24/2018 OMG Technical Meeting
Canadian Business Architecture Innovation Summit & Government Reference Model Workshop 09/25/2018 OMG Technical Meeting
MBSE-Inspired Actionable Enterprise Architectures Summit 09/25/2018 OMG Technical Meeting
Make Your Testing Groovy 09/25/2018 ApacheCon North America
MBSE-Inspired Actionable Enterprise Architectures Tutorials 09/25/2018 OMG Technical Meeting
Conference: Blockchain Live 2018 09/26/2018 London, UK
Conference: Strange Loop 2018 09/26/2018 St. Louis, MO
OMG Standards for the Federal & Provincial Governments of Canada 09/26/2018 OMG Technical Meeting
Meetup: Debugging Go from the Command Line 09/26/2018 St. Louis, MO
Meetup: Share Connect, Energize with Your Tribe 10/03/2018 St. Louis, MO
Conference: dev up 2018 10/08/2018 St. Louis, MO
Workshop: EOS Rise 10/10/2018 Conexus
Reactive Micronaut Microservices 10/10/2018 dev up 2018
Meetup: Launching the Micro Future: Groovy, Grails, and Micronaut 10/11/2018 Youngstown, OH
GlobalHack VII 10/12/2018 Saint Louis, MO
Conference: Conexus 2018 10/12/2018 Denver, CO
Webinar: Introduction to Grails Multi-Tenancy 10/12/2018 Online
Meetup: Full-Stack ML: Building Web Applications With Haskell and Elm 10/16/2018 St. Louis, MO
Meetup: Launching the Micro Future: Groovy, Grails, and Micronaut 10/16/2018 Atlanta, GA
Meetup: Go 1.11 Modules 10/24/2018 St. Louis, MO
Conference: CommitConf 2018 11/23/2018 Madrid, Spain
Alexa, Nice to Meet You 11/24/2018 CommitConf
Meet Micronaut: A JVM-Based Framework for Building Microservices 11/24/2018 CommitConf
Geb Acceptance Test 11/24/2018 CommitConf
Conference: ArchConf 12/10/2018 Clearwater, Florida
Workshop: Scalable Microservices with Micronaut 12/10/2018 ArchConf 2018
Launching the Micro Future: Groovy, Grails, and Micronaut 12/11/2018 ArchConf 2018