Event Date Location
Micronaut in Action! 11/15/2018 Devoxx Belgium
Introduction to Micronaut: Lightweight Microservices with Ahead of Time Compilation 11/15/2018 Devoxx Belgium
Meetup: Introduction to Micronaut 11/15/2018 Austin, TX
Conference: CryptoFinance 11/16/2018 Oslo, Norway
Training Workshop: Grails Testing Deep Dive 11/16/2018 Online
Conference: CommitConf 2018 11/23/2018 Madrid, Spain
Alexa, Nice to Meet You 11/24/2018 CommitConf
Meet Micronaut: A JVM-Based Framework for Building Microservices 11/24/2018 CommitConf
Geb Acceptance Test 11/24/2018 CommitConf
Training Workshop: Micronaut Deep Dive 11/26/2018 Online
Meetup: Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics 101 11/27/2018 St. Louis, MO
Meetup: GopherCon Denver 2018 Highlights 11/28/2018 St. Louis, MO
Reactive Microservices with Micronaut 12/01/2018 Codemotion Madrid
Training Workshop: Web Development with Grails 3 12/03/2018 Online
Training Workshop: Building DApps on EOS 12/05/2018 Online
Meetup: Get Hooked on React! 12/05/2018 St. Louis, MO
Conference: ArchConf 12/10/2018 Clearwater, Florida
Training Workshop: Scalable Microservices with Micronaut 12/10/2018 ArchConf 2018
Launching the Micro Future: Groovy, Grails, and Micronaut 12/11/2018 ArchConf 2018
Meetup: Predicting Failures of Molteno and Baerveldt Glaucoma Drainage Devices Using ML 12/11/2018 St. Louis, MO
Conference: EOS DevCon 01/21/2019 Tampa, Florida
Workshop: EOS Rise 01/23/2019 Tampa, Florida
Devnexus 2019 03/06/2019 Atlanta, GA
Conference: Greach 03/28/2019 Madrid, Spain
Conference: Micronaut Summit 04/15/2019 Chicago, IL