Conexus 2018

Conexus 2018  |  Oct. 12, 2018  |  Denver, CO

October 12, 2018
Denver, Colorado

Conexus is a blockchain community conference with the goal of building bridges across platforms and protocols. Some of the top minds from the EOS ecosystem, Ethereum, and Bitcoin will gather in Denver, CO, to discuss how the blockchain communities can open up positive dialogue and collaborate more effectively.

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EOS Rise Premier EOS dApp Development Workshop

Two-Day EOSIO Workshop

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Over the last decade, the first and second iteration of blockchain technology has brought with it some truly amazing innovations, and with these new advancements, some significant challenges. We invite you to come learn how some of these problems are being solved with us at EOS Rise.

EOS Rise is a two day workshop immediately prior to Conexus in Denver, Colorado, that provides the foundations you need to start building decentralized applications on the EOS Mainnet.

The workshop is led by Phil Mesnier (OCI Blockchain Practice Lead) and Eugene Luzgin (EOS Tribe Co-Founder and CTO) and features insights, processes, costs, and technologies related to developing applications on EOSIO.

Meet the Instructors

Phil Mesnier, OCI Blockchain Practice Lead

Phil Mesnier

OCI Blockchain Practice Lead

Eugene Luzgin, EOS Tribe Co-Founder and CTO

Eugene Luzgin

EOS Tribe Co-Founder and CTO