Open Source Convention 2018

Open Source Convention (OSCON) is an annual O'Reilly event where developers, innovators, business people, and investors come together to find inspiration, confront new challenges, share their expertise, and discover ways to give back to the open source movement.

See the Tech that Powers an Autonomous Car

GalecinoCar: A Self-Driving Car Powered by Machine Learning, Microservices, Java, and Groovy

OCI's Ryan Vanderwerf and Infor's Lee Fox have developed a 1/16-scale self-driving car using the Grails team’s new microservice framework, Micronaut.

In this demonstration, Ryan and Lee will show attendees how they programmed the car and provide an introduction to the incredibly powerful Micronaut framework. Don't miss this chance to see how machine learning, Raspberry Pi 3, Particle, Groovy, and Java can be used to power the vehicles of the future.

DATE: July 18, 2018

SESSION: 5:05 p.m. – 5:45 p.m.

LOCATION: Portland 251

LEVEL: Beginner

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