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Gateway to Innovation Conference

Featured Breakout Session

Rise of the Machines: Unleashing Business Value through the Application of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Smart Automation

Re-imagine your operations using AI, machine learning, automation, the internet of things, and other enabling technologies. Shifting to “smart” enables hyper-personalization to better meet customer needs, redefine internal efficiencies, create new product categories (and possibly entirely new industries!), and more.  

In this lively panel discussion, we illuminate the vast landscape of possibilities enabled by a smart and connected technology strategy. 

Attendees will gain insight from real-world examples about how smart innovation enables business to disrupt and evolve products, customer experiences, and other critical outcomes. Lessons learned and future aspirations will be shared for discussion.

Panel Participants:

  • Tonya Ehlmann, Director Business Strategy Development - Machine Learning, Object Computing, Inc. (Moderator)
  • Wendy Poulsen, Head of Field Solutions Technologies, Bayer (Panelist)
  • Jason Bull, PhD - VP, Machine Learning, Object Computing, Inc. (Panelist)