GR8Conf US 2018

Gr8Conf US, July 25-27, 2018, Minneapolis, MN

GR8Conf brings you All Things Groovy

July 25  – July 27, 2018

Minneapolis, MN, USA


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Object Computing, Inc. at GR8Conf US

Join us in Minneapolis for presentations and workshops presented by our engineers on a variety of technologies.

Pre-Conference Micronaut Training Workshop

We are offering a special 2-day workshop prior to the start of GR8Conf US, in which Jeff Brown will give you a chance to try out Micronaut and learn the fundamentals you need to start building microservice applications with the framework.

TRAINING DATE: July 23 – 24, 2018
WORKSHOP PRESENTER: Jeff Scott Brown, Grails and Micronaut co-founder

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Launching the Micro Future: Groovy, Grails, and Micronaut Jeff Scott Brown Presentation
Integrating Micronaut and Grails Jeff Scott Brown Presentation
Reactive Microservices with Micronaut Alvaro Sanchez-Mariscal Workshop
Micronaut Routing James Kleeh Presentation
Micronaut Configuration James Kleeh Presentation

Groovy, Grails, and Friends

GORM Data Services Jeff Scott Brown Presentation
Groovy Update: What's New in Groovy 2.5+ Paul King Presentation
Make Your Testing Groovy Paul King Presentation
Asynchronous and Event-Driven Grails Applications Alvaro Sanchez-Mariscal Presentation
Heads Down Grails Database Migration Nirav Assar Presentation
Profiling Grails Applications with YourKit Nirav Assar Presentation
Grails & React Zachary Klein Workshop
Grails and the Wonderful World of JavaScript Frameworks Zachary Klein Presentation
Room with a Vue: Building Grails Apps with Vue.js Zachary Klein Presentation
GORM & GraphQL James Kleeh Presentation