JavaDay Lviv

JavaDay Lviv  |  February 23, 2019

JavaDay Lviv

   February 23, 2019       Lviv, ukraine

JavaDay Lviv is an annual, international conference focused on Java technologies and ecosystem. Join well-known Java professionals from around the globe for talks and workshops on trends, hypes, and cutting-edge technologies, including full-stack Java, JVM languages, serverless computing, machine learning, data science, and much more.

Featured Presentation

Micronaut in Action!

Presented by Iván López

In this live coding session, Micronaut team member, Iván López, introduces the newly released Micronaut framework and demonstrates how Micronaut’s unique compile-time approach enables the development of ultra-lightweight microservices for Java.

Compelling aspects of the Micronaut framework include:

  • Subsecond startup time
  • Small processes that can run in as little as 10 MB of JVM heap
  • No runtime reflection
  • Dependency Injection and AOP
  • Cloud native

Iván will demonstrate how you can take your microservices to the next level by using Micronaut's ahead-of-time (AOT) compilation support and Oracle's GraalVM to achieve instant startup and an ultra-low memory footprint.