Oracle Code Rome

Oracle Code Rome  |  April 4, 2019

Oracle Code Rome

   April 4, 2019       Rome, Italy

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Featured Presentation

Evolving Software for the Microservice and Serverless Era

Keynote presented by Graeme Rocher 

In this talk Grails and Micronaut creator Graeme Rocher will discuss the evolution of Java and other software platforms and frameworks over the last 10 years and explore the challenges in adapting these to the rapidly evolving microservice and serverless space. 

Graeme will demonstrate how new projects like Micronaut and Oracle's GraalVM take unique approaches to address issues such as memory footprint, startup time, and cold start performance, making Java competitive in a space where newer languages like Go and Node shine.

Meet the Speaker

Graeme Rocher, Grails & Micronaut co-founder

Graeme Rocher

Grails & Micronaut Co-Founder

Graeme Rocher is a software engineer and professional open source contributor who created several popular open source projects, including Grails, GORM, and Micronaut.

Rocher was recently awarded Oracle's Groundbreaker Award for significant contributions to the evolution of software development. He currently leads the development of the Grails and Micronaut frameworks at OCI and has authored and co-authored several books, including The Definitive Guide to Grails 2 (Apress).