2019 2019  |  April 9, 2019  |  St. Louis, MO
   April 9, 2019       Saint Louis, MO

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The Conference is the Midwest's premier forum to explore, understand, and influence the impact of artificial intelligence on our lives and businesses. Experts and newcomers alike will find valuable resources, insights, and networking opportunities. 

Featured Presentation

How Rodent Brains Optimize Deep Learning Architecture

Presented by Dr. Jason Bull, VP of Machine Learning and Dr. Mehdi Kafashan, Machine Learning Specialist

Today, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are pervasive across industries and applications. No longer relegated to the domain of science fiction, AI is transforming businesses and business models on a daily basis.    

"Smart technology" is achieved through the use of a variety of capabilities, including ML (personalization, prediction, and prescription), IoT (real-time, in situ information), a combination of edge and IoT ML (real-time action), blockchain (smart contracts), and cloud engineering (infinite scaling and performance). The convergence of these technologies results in faster and more powerful solutions, allowing companies to offer previously unimagined customer value at a significantly lower cost.

These advances rely primarily upon the ability to encode human intelligence and sensory capability into machines and algorithms. Understanding how the visual cortex perceives images, and how that maps to deep learning image recognition, provides insight into network optimization. By inspecting the mechanics of the visual cortex within the brain of a mouse and leveraging the scalability of Google Cloud Platform, we can characterize information transfer in different deep network architectures and discover innovative new ways to apply this game-changing technology.

Whether you're building customer-facing products or optimizing your internal processes, the explosive advancement of smart technology in every industry heralds opportunities to expand and accelerate your impact upon your market and the world at large.