Building Distributed Apps on EOS.IO

On-Demand Webinar


Learn first-hand how to build distributed applications on EOS.IO – the new game-changing, highly performant platform for building blockchain applications. 

This complimentary, online training workshop was delivered by one of the lead contributors to the EOS.IO blockchain platform and covered fundamentals that enable developers (including non-C++ developers) to quickly get comfortable with EOS.IO distributed app (DApp) development.

  • Understand the high-level fundamental pieces of an EOS.IO DApp
  • Learn the flow of transactions and actions (messages & events) in EOS.IO
  • Observe the development and deployment of a DApp on EOS.IO
  • Discover the various libraries available to a DApp developer


  • Where we are today in EOS.IO DApp development capabilities
  • Overview of EOS.IO libraries
  • Overview of storage capabilities
  • Overview of deferred transactions
  • Walkthrough development of a simple EOS.IO DApp
  • Store/retrieve/update data in table
  • Create a deferred transaction

Intended Audience

This workshop is appropriate for developers, technical leads, and architects with programming experience, preferably in C/C++, although any high-level, structured language experience is sufficient. At least an intermediate understanding of blockchain technology is recommended.

This webinar was presented on April 26, 2018.

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Meet the Presenter

Kevin Heifner is a Principal Software Engineer at OCI and a committer on the EOS.IO blockchain project. 
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About EOS.IO

EOS.IO is a game-changing, decentralized operating system that supports highly scalable blockchain applications with significant performance benefits over its alternatives.


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