Object Computing and Planet Labs PBC Partner to Unlock Game-Changing Data Insights for Enterprise Businesses

Object Computing, Inc., a technology firm based in St. Louis, Mo., today announced a partnership with Planet Labs PBC (NYSE: PL), a leading provider of daily data and insights about Earth, to harness the power of geospatial data insights for enterprise businesses across industries. 

Planet owns and operates the largest commercial fleet of Earth observation satellites in history, with hundreds of satellites currently in orbit. The company collects an image of every land-based location on Earth on a near-daily basis, generating an unprecedented dataset. 

By combining Object Computing’s deep geospatial expertise with Planet’s data, the partnership is set to deliver significant benefits to enterprise businesses, including:

  • Improved visibility and insights: Planet's satellite imagery provides businesses with a comprehensive view of their assets and operations to identify trends, patterns, and anomalies that would be difficult or impossible to see using traditional methods.

  • Enhanced decision-making: Object Computing's geospatial experts can help businesses to utilize Planet's data to develop more informed and strategic decisions like optimized supply chains and improved risk management.

  • Increased operational efficiency: Object Computing's geospatial solutions can help businesses to automate asset inspections, monitor environmental conditions, and track vehicle movements.

“From disaster preparedness and recovery to logistical planning and asset management, geospatial data provides insights that every industry can utilize,” said Jason Schindler, Vice President of Growth at Object Computing. “We're excited to partner with Planet to help businesses use geospatial data to achieve their goals.”  

An example of the partnership in action, Object Computing and Planet hosted GEO SWRM: Severe Weather Resilience and Mitigation Conference September 2023 in St. Louis. The event brought together civic and business leaders, policymakers, and technology experts to discuss how geospatial data and AI-powered analytics help communities better prepare for and respond to natural disasters.

“As climate change accelerates, the threat from larger and more severe natural disasters is only increasing,” said Andrew Montgomery, Vice President of Strategy at Object Computing. “Through our partnership with Planet, we're developing innovative solutions to help leaders build resilience to these challenges.” 

During the conference, Object Computing unveiled its new Clear SKAI application, a geospatial and AI-powered tool for identifying damaged structures from severe weather events. Through visualizing proprietary Planet data, Clear SKAI helps identify affected areas, prioritize delivery of supplies, and administer first aid to affected people. The app is relevant to any business, civic or government organization concerned with protecting lives, infrastructure, and physical assets due to its ability to improve response time, enhance safety, and reduce costs associated with disaster response. 

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