Building Distributed Apps on EOSIO

Learn first-hand how to build distributed applications on EOSIO – the new game-changing, highly performant platform for building blockchain applications.

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If you would like to follow along with the demo, you will need a local install.
The instructor will be using CLion, but any editor will do. Visit the Github repo here:


This complimentary, online training workshop is delivered by one of the lead contributors to the EOSIO blockchain platform and covers fundamentals that enable developers (including non-C++ developers) to quickly get comfortable with EOSIO distributed app (DApp) development.

Register below to access the video recording and learn:

  • The high-level fundamental pieces of an EOSIO DApp
  • The flow of transactions and actions (messages & events) in EOSIO
  • How to develop and deploy a DApp on EOSIO
  • To use the various libraries available to a DApp developer

Intended Audience

Although everyone is welcome, this workshop is most appropriate for developers, technical leads, and architects with programming experience, preferably in C/C++, although any high-level, structured language experience is sufficient. At least an intermediate understanding of blockchain technology is recommended.


The following topics are covered in this webinar:

  • Where we are today in EOSIO DApp development capabilities
  • Overview of EOSIO libraries
  • Overview of storage capabilities
  • Overview of deferred transactions
  • Walkthrough development of a simple EOSIO DApp
  • Store/retrieve/update data in table
  • Create a deferred transaction


Kevin Heifner is a Principal Software Engineer at Object Computing and a committer on the EOSIO blockchain project.

Kevin Heifner on Github.


EOSIO is a game-changing, highly performant platform for building blockchain applications. With a decentralized operating system that supports highly scalable blockchain applications, EOSIO delivers significant performance benefits over its alternatives.


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