Cloud Engineering

Scale Your Business In The Cloud Swiftly and Securely

We architect, design, and develop mission-critical cloud solutions that can be deployed and integrated at scale.

Cloud Native Transformation

Legacy applications that were built to manage tasks across a few hardware servers can no longer scale to the accelerated business demands of today. A cloud native architecture enables an unprecedented level of agility and speed as you deliver innovative new experiences to customers.

We offer:

  • Microservices architecture consulting and development

  • Open source accelerators

  • Evaluation and application of infrastructure automation tools

  • Optimization of your CI/CD pipeline

Microservices Assessment

To conquer the never-ending challenges of modern business, technology teams must shift from monolithic applications toward an application architecture that enables agility, extensibility, and continuous delivery. Request a microservices assessment and you will receive: 

  • An organizational readiness analysis and accompanying set of recommendations for microservices development
  • Identification of key areas best suited to a microservices architecture  
  • An outline of platform infrastructure options to prepare your organization for a transition to microservices
  • Development of CI/CD strategies to optimize microservices testing and delivery
  • An execution plan, comprising relevant options and a technical training plan

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Cloud Security

Manage your private, public, and hybrid cloud resources and containers consistently, securely, and with a clear audit trail with our expert security testing and remediation services.

We offer: 

  • A security configuration review focused on architecture, build and deployment processes, identity, and access management approaches
  • Penetration testing that simulates the tactics an adversary would use to gain unauthorized access to your application and network, concluding with a comprehensive report of vulnerabilities and an outline of mitigation approaches
  • A customized training program for your internal team, providing the knowledge and skills to maintain and adapt your security strategy into the future