Cloud Transformation

Scale your business in the cloud swiftly and securely with mission-critical cloud solutions that can be deployed and integrated at scale.

Start Your Cloud Transformation

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Our solutions are fueled by strategic alliances with leading cloud providers and informed by best practices, open source accelerators, and learnings through our experiences helping enterprises transform in the cloud.

Contact us to discuss:

  • Multi-cloud strategy and consulting
  • Containerization of your applications for interoperability
  • Workload migration and contingency planning
  • Multi-cloud security and penetration testing
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Legacy applications that were built to manage tasks across a few hardware servers can no longer scale to the accelerated business demands of today. A cloud native architecture enables an unprecedented level of agility and speed as you deliver innovative new experiences to customers.

Contact us to discuss:

  • Microservices architecture consulting and development
  • Open source accelerators
  • Evaluation and application of infrastructure automation tools
  • Optimization of your CI/CD pipeline

To conquer the never-ending challenges of modern business, technology teams must shift from monolithic applications toward an application architecture that enables agility, extensibility, and continuous delivery.

Request a microservices assessment and you will receive: 

  • An organizational readiness analysis and accompanying set of recommendations for microservices development
  • Identification of key areas best suited to a microservices architecture  
  • An outline of platform infrastructure options to prepare your organization for a transition to microservices
  • Development of CI/CD strategies to optimize microservices testing and delivery
  • An execution plan, comprising relevant options and a technical training plan
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Cloud Security

Manage your private, public, and hybrid cloud resources and containers consistently, securely, and with a clear audit trail with our expert security testing and remediation services.

Contact us to discuss:

  • A security configuration review focused on architecture, build and deployment processes, identity, and access management approaches
  • Penetration testing that simulates the tactics an adversary would use to gain unauthorized access to your application and network, concluding with a comprehensive report of vulnerabilities and an outline of mitigation approaches
  • A customized training program for your internal team, providing the knowledge and skills to maintain and adapt your security strategy into the future

Reimagine What's Possible for Your Business

Strategy & Consulting

Discover new possibilities with cross-industry expertise and guidance from our team of technologists, strategists, and architects. We offer decades of experience streamlining operations, accelerating innovation, and delighting consumers, while enabling a more profitable future for our clients.

Digital Transformation

Reimagine innovation, not as a destination, but as a journey toward profitable new horizons. The possibilities for growth are endless with solutions fueled by today's technology. We’ll help you uncover new ways to apply solutions in unconventional ways, while demonstrating value along the way.

Software Architecture & Development

Trust a team that works with you – not for you. When you partner with us, you engage a team of strategists, architects, and engineers who recognize and appreciate the essential nature of collaboration.

Technology Training

Keep your team on the cutting edge with our flexible training offerings. Quickly bring your engineers up to speed with today's technologies, and empower your organization  to confidently build and support tomorrow's transformational technologies.