Open Source Solutions

We help companies exchange burdensome legacy systems and continuously innovate with interoperable and extensible Open Source solutions that reduce or eliminate technical debt. 

Open Source software is being adopted at an ever increasing rate. And while Open Source may not be the answer to all your needs, we believe that an “Open Source first” mindset just makes business and organizational sense.

The benefits of Open Source are clear; speed, customizability, no licensing fees, reduced total cost of ownership (TCO), interoperability, enhanced business agility, and so much more! The benefits of Open Source are compelling and, frankly, irrefutable.  

Companies that adopt Open Source technologies experience significant gains in efficiency and business flexibility.  We support that growth and long-term capability, just as we support the initial transition to Open Source.  Our full life-cycle software engineering services include continued maintenance and enhancement to Open Source solutions as needed.


We offer flexible, customizable Open Source support service with direct access to a dedicated team of architects and engineers, who have originally developed the product or spent their careers supporting and maturing it.