Introduction to Penetration Testing (Ethical Hacking)

This 3-day workshop prepares students to take strategic defensive measures against cyber threats through an exploration of the tools and techniques exploited by both white- and black-hat hackers.


This hands-on penetration testing course focuses on tactics, techniques, and procedures used by both black-hat attackers and penetration testers (white-hat hackers).

The course starts with an overview of hacking incidents, trends, and attacker motivations, then progresses to penetration testing methodologies. These often overly complicated methodologies, filled with an excessive number of steps, are simplified in this course, with an emphasis on the penetration test objective. Each hacking phase of the simplified methodology is demonstrated, discussed, and practiced. 

Emphasis is placed on learning, demonstrating, and practicing the primary tactics – reconnaissance (active and passive), vulnerability discovery and identification, exploitation, and persistence. Numerous methods are covered to include server-side exploits, client-side exploits, man-in-the-middle (MITM), and social engineering. Students practice penetration testing in a fun and interactive environment with multiple live targets and CTF (capture-the-flag) exercises.

Duration & Format

3 days (21 hours)

This course is conducted live, in person by Alpine Security at their training facility in the St. Louis, Missouri, metro area.


The following topics are covered in this workshop.

  • Hacking trends and motivations
  • Hacking methodology
  • Reconnaissance
  • Vulnerability identification
  • Initial exploitation
  • Expanding foothold
  • Persistence


Students should begin the course with general knowledge of computer, networking, and operating system fundamentals. Some exposure to Kali linux is also recommended.

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