OpenDDS Essentials II

OpenDDS Essentials: Configuration, Listeners, Conditions, and Content Subscription

Extend your OpenDDS programming skills with a deep dive into both DDS standard features and configurable aspects of the OpenDDS implementation. Learn how applications can react to events that occur in the middleware with Listeners and Conditions. Explore the advanced Content-Subscription Profile features that enable processing based on the contents of data samples.


Proficiency with middleware technologies like DDS has become an in-demand skill as more companies implement solutions driven by robotics, smart systems, and automation.

This 6-hour course builds on our Introduction to OpenDDS Programming course. Through a combination of lectures and hands-on lab exercises, participants learn how to use features of OpenDDS technology that were not covered in the introduction.

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This course prepares participants to:

  • Decide which OpenDDS transports and discovery mechanisms are right for your application
  • Understand the Listeners and Conditions notification styles, including their impact on performance and threading models
  • Determine when to use Listeners, when to use Conditions, and when to use both
  • Use the Content-Subscription Profile features, QueryCondition, ContentFilteredTopic, and MultiTopic


The following topics are covered in this course:

  • Configuring transports and discovery
  • Using Listener interfaces
  • Conditions and WaitSets
  • Content-Subscription Profile

Intended Audience

Although everyone is welcome, this course is most valuable to distributed application developers and architects looking to expand their mastery of a standards-based, open source, publish-subscribe middleware solution.


To get the most out of this course, we recommend students have completed Introduction to OpenDDS Programming or have equivalent experience with either the OpenDDS project or another DDS implementation.

It is not necessary to have completed OpenDDS Essentials I to take OpenDDS Essentials II.

This is a live, hands-on training course. No recording of this training event will be made available for on-demand consumption.

Meet the Instructor

Adam Mitz, OCI OpenDDS Team

Adam Mitz is a Partner at Object Computing and Director of Interoperability for the DDS Foundation. With more than 10 years of experience on DDS, Adam leads the OpenDDS development team and consults with OCI clients that are building distributed applications using the OpenDDS implementation. He also delivers OpenDDS training classes and participates in the maintenance of DDS specifications at the Object Management Group.

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