Building OpenDDS Applications with DDS Security

Building OpenDDS Applications with DDS Security

Gain proficiency with Object Management Group's Data Distribution Service (DDS) security specification and learn how to build powerful, secure distributed applications using the open source OpenDDS project.


DDS Security brings authentication, access control, and data protection (encryption) to OpenDDS applications. DDS Security's integrated approach secures the DDS domain while preserving the efficiency, robustness, and interoperability of OpenDDS systems.

This 6-hour course familiarizes participants with the theoretical and practical aspects of DDS Security and prepares them to confidently secure distributed applications for deployment on the internet.

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The following topics are covered in this course:

  • DDS Security features
  • Building OpenDDS libraries with security
  • Developing applications with security
  • DDS Security plugins
  • Security impact on RTPS protocol
  • Connectivity and deployment considerations

Lab Requirements

Lab exercises are completed in a browser-based interactive development environment. Participants must have unfiltered internet access using a modern browser.

Intended Audience

Although everyone is welcome, this course is designed to help application designers and developers who are already familiar with core DDS terms and concepts (topics, publishers, subscribers) expand their skills.


To get the most out of this course, we recommend participants have completed Introduction to OpenDDS Programming (either C++ or Java) or have equivalent experience with either the OpenDDS project or another DDS implementation.

This is a live, hands-on training course. No recording of this training event will be made available for on-demand consumption.

Meet the Instructor

Adam Mitz, OCI OpenDDS Team

Adam Mitz is a Partner at Object Computing and Director of Interoperability for the DDS Foundation. With more than 10 years of experience on DDS, Adam leads the OpenDDS development team and consults with OCI clients that are building distributed applications using the OpenDDS implementation. He also delivers OpenDDS training classes and participates in the maintenance of DDS specifications at the Object Management Group.

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