C++ Programming with Boost

All C++ developers should be using Boost. This course will expose class participants to the most widely used and useful libraries that make up Boost. Many Boost libraries are being included in the next version of the C++ Standard and many more are proposed for inclusion in future versions. Students will learn how to easily apply these powerful libraries in their own development through detailed expert instructor-led training and by hands-on exercises. Your investment in learning Boost today will be one that will benefit you for years to come.


Apply Boost to their project enabling them to more quickly produce powerful, efficient, and platform independent applications.


This course is for experienced C++ Software Engineers who are comfortable with the C++ language and standard library and either wish to be able to apply Boost to their applications or are interested in evaluating Boost for possible inclusion in future projects.

Practicing C++ programmers who have completed the Advanced C++ Programming training or have similar experience (specifically, an understanding of exceptions, templates, operator overloading, classes, and polymorphism).


  • Boost Test Library
  • Boost Conversion Library
  • Boost Smart_ptr Library
  • Boost Container Library
  • Boost Bind Library
  • Boost Function Library
  • Boost Lambda Library
  • Boost Thread Library
  • Boost Regex Library and more…

Duration & Format

4 days (26 hours)

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