Live webinar

Blockchain Success Story

Enabling Global Economic Opportunity With a Decentralized Payment Network

In the world of global commerce, borders have become blockers to prosperity. Learn about the uniquely powerful payment network that is uniting the world’s financial infrastructure through blockchain and the Stellar protocol.


The current concept of “money” as a medium for the global exchange of goods is built upon a strained architecture: 

  • Complex conversion processes that can take days to settle

  • High transaction fees associated with electronic payments 

  • Little to no transparency in exchange rates, creating market inefficiency


Using blockchain technology and the Stellar protocol, our client, Air Protocol, is making it possible for individuals and institutions to transfer global currencies ...

  • ... in seconds
  • at a fraction of the cost
  • with full transparency and trust
  • while reducing the complexities of conventional cross-border payments

Learn more about Air Protocol's success story in this complimentary webinar.

Webinar Details

Discussion Topics

  • The business drivers of this real-time global payments network
  • Messaging, negotiation, and connection across the blockchain network 
  • Settlement on the blockchain facilitated by smart contracts
  • Live demonstration of the platform

February 4, 2020

1:00 p.m. CST

60 minutes