Is Multi-cloud Compatible With Cloud-first?

Is Multi-Cloud Compatible with Cloud-First?

Join Cloud Experts from Object Computing (OCI) to discuss the components of a well-crafted cloud-first architecture in a multi-cloud world.

Cloud-First in a Multi-Cloud world?

In the not-so-distant past, cloud-first brought us the ability to elastically scale without burdensome infrastructure costs. Now, we are faced with a new opportunity: aligning the strengths of multiple cloud providers to achieve immediate business outcomes – a necessity when innovation calls for new capabilities.

However, just because your applications run natively on one cloud provider, there is no guarantee they will run natively on a competing cloud provider. In fact, most cloud providers intentionally inhibit interoperability through non-compatible underlying technologies and proprietary standards.

Join Joe Epplin in this complimentary webinar to learn vital tips on cloud-first innovation in a multi-cloud world.

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Joe Epplin | Object Computing Cloud Engineering Practice Lead

"While orchestration tools are beginning to catch up with the multi-cloud movement, your ability to swiftly take advantage of the latest cloud innovations rests upon one thing … your architecture."

— Joe Epplin, Cloud Engineering Practice Lead
Object Computing, Inc.

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