Accurate Insights.
Expansive Outcomes.

Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) is a remote sensing model that uses lasers to measure distance, providing accurate detail of the earth's surface, atmosphere, and environment.

Object Computing’s fresh approach to LiDAR blends geospatial mastery, mathematical modeling, and streamlined Google Earth Engine data to yield unparalleled insights and understanding.

Experience a
Powerful Perspective

Make more informed decisions when responding to changes in the environment with detailed, point cloud-generated 3D models.

Acquire Critical
Intelligence Quickly

Detect and analyze changes and potential hazards, reducing operational risks and enabling proactive handling of crucial safety issues.

Optimize Sustainability
& Efficiency

Improve the effectiveness of planning activities to maximize environmental optimization to reduce cost and gain efficiency.  


GEE Expertise and Other News

Google Earth Engine offers a powerful, cloud-based platform for geospatial data analysis and retrieval, providing access to vast amounts of freely available, public, and multi-temporal remote sensing (RS) imagery. It provides a unique opportunity to monitor and understand global issues such as changes in forestry, water supply, and outbreaks of diseases. 

Combining this tremendous technology with our geospatial capabilities enables us to offer our clients the ability to analyze and generate insights according to their needs. Using AI methods and Google Earth Engine, we can extend unprecedented levels of accuracy and speed in RS-based monitoring and analysis, allowing for more effective and reliable decision making.

By integrating our Google Earth Engine and geospatial expertise with Asterisms, our proprietary application framework, we deliver extraordinary outcomes for enterprises seeking to improve sustainability, efficiency, intelligence, and revenue–in weeks, not months.


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