Artificial Intelligence Myths Busted Webinar Series

AI Myths Busted

Many myths about machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) prevent businesses from unlocking the extraordinary value of these powerful technologies. Join our ML team as they dispel these common misconceptions in a series of complimentary webinars.

Clearing up misconceptions about artificial intelligence one myth at a time

Myth #1: You need a Ton of data to take advantage of AI

How Much Data Do You Really Need?

Worried that you don’t have enough data to take advantage of AI?

Whether you have no data whatsoever or heaping piles of messy data strewn about your organization, you have an opportunity to uncover valuable insights.

Watch the video now to learn:

  • Why people believe they need a lot of data to build a successful AI strategy
  • Why this myth is false
  • How AI can be applied to small data sets
  • How AI can be applied to vast, unorganized data sets

Myth #2: You're only one Dashboard away from epic insights.

What Isn't Your Dashboard Telling You?

If you're viewing your data in a dashboard, you're getting only part of the story. Truly beneficial insights come from understanding how and why specific data points are relevant ... and what to do with that information!

Looking at your data on a dashboard may give you some answers, but your perspective is limited by multiple factors outside of your control.

Why not turn that information over to an intelligent machine? Imagine the possibilities when human limitations are overcome!