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Unlock insights, accelerate growth, and strengthen your competitive advantage by leveraging AI to transform your data into actionable strategies. 

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Meet the Accelerator

We engage through a proprietary and proven Business Value Framework that focuses on exploding revenue or realizing efficiencies for your business. The® accelerator rapidly converts subtle data patterns into actionable and scalable insights. The accelerator was developed in Object Computing’s Innovation Lab to help companies rapidly scale insights that unlock transformative business value.

Data Cleansing
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How the Accelerator Works

The accelerator transforms unstructured data into scalable insights — fast.

How Alyce Works

Your Transformation Begins Here

Our team stands ready to help you identify the practical applications of AI and drive innovation and value from the data all around you.

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Insights at Scale

Uncover new ways to harness the power of your data in unconventional ways.

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Data Classification & Transformation

Transform your unstructured data into useful information optimized for analytics.

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Predictive Modeling

Access our unique algorithms and accelerators that identify opportunities and prescribe action.