Machine Learning, AI, and Data Science

Grounded Insights.
Untethered Outcomes.

Machine learning enables extraordinary data engineering capabilities that unlock enterprise transformation and enable groundbreaking innovation.

Innovate with Confidence

Make more strategic business decisions with access to advanced modeling algorithms and accelerators that analyze unstructured data, identify opportunities, prescribe action, and even predict future conditions.

Accelerate Speed to Market

Significantly reduce time to market by leveraging machine learning to unlock actionable design and development insights, automate and optimize critical manufacturing processes, and refine quality control measures.

Evolve Effortlessly

Maximize the economic value of your data with holistic strategies and tools that ensure long-term functional viability and provide a foundation that protects your investment and scales to meet future needs.

Areas of Expertise

Data Strategy

Architecture Design

Data Engineering & Operations

Agile Data Science

Operations Research

Geospatial Analytics

Digital Twin Simulation

Cybersecurity & Fraud Detection

Unlock Extraordinary Value

Quick Start Workshops help design the future strategy or architecture based on your goals while promoting greater alignment within the organization.

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Digital Business Solutions

Digital Business Transformation Is At The Heart Of All We Do

Industry Expertise

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Meet the Alyce Accelerator 

We engage through a proprietary and proven Business Value Framework that focuses on exploding revenue or realizing efficiencies for your business. The Alyce® accelerator rapidly converts subtle data patterns into actionable and scalable insights. The Alyce accelerator was developed in Object Computing’s Innovation Lab to help companies rapidly scale insights that unlock transformative business value.

Data Cleansing
& Transformation

Data Analysis
& Machine Learning

What-if Scenarios

Your Transformation Begins Here

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Insights at Scale

Uncover new ways to harness the power of your data in unconventional ways.

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Data Classification & Transformation

Transform your unstructured data into useful information optimized for analytics.

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Predictive Modeling

Access our unique algorithms and accelerators that identify opportunities and prescribe action.