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Meet Alyce

Alyce is the AI accelerator that rapidly converts subtle data patterns into actionable and scalable insights. Alyce was developed in Object Computing’s Innovation Lab to help companies rapidly scale insights that unlock transformative business value.




How It Works

Alyce transforms unstructured data into scalable insights — fast.

Meet Our Machine LEarning Leadership Team

Our forward-looking ML leadership team is made up of dedicated, focused, and experienced executives who collaborate to drive valuable business outcomes.

Jason Bull, Ph.D., VP, Machine Learning Solutions

Jason Bull, Ph.D

VP of Machine Learning

Tonya Ehlmann, Director, Business Strategy

Tonya Ehlmann, MBA

Director of Business Strategy

Xiao Yang, Ph.D., Director, Machine Learning Solutions

Xiao Yang, Ph.D

Director of Machine Learning Solutions


global businesses at Fortune 500 companies, de-risking product deployments, and unlocking $Billions


the world’s first agriculture machine learning product recommender and improving product win rates


algorithms that predict commercial success and using those predictions to prescriptively optimize supply chains