Reimagine Product Recommenders

The Opportunity

Data-driven customer journeys increase revenue, eliminate manual merchandising, and lead to higher levels of customer satisfaction. We can help you accelerate these outcomes by applying the latest advances in today's technology, creating a catalyst for opportunities never before possible.


of U.S. digital shoppers said they would stop shopping at a retailer that made poor product recommendations.

Source: eMarketer; The Impact of Product Recommendations

The Paradox of Choice: Less Is More

Retailers today grapple with ever-changing market conditions, while personalization and privacy prevail as contradictory consumer demands. In a digitized world, retailers must keep up with the latest advances in technology to create trust, engagement, loyalty, and delight, all while delivering customized experiences at scale.

How We Help


Tailor the shopping experience to the person, not the persona, with an intelligent product recommendation engine that showcases the most relevant products at every step of your buyer's journey. 

Digital Experience

Enable your customers to discover your most enticing products through purposeful digital experiences that inspire and delight. Our robust UX solutions open up new streams of revenue by making your products digitally available at the right time, all the time.


Protect your critical operations with sound infrastructure that’s ready to support your ever-evolving business needs. Our experience, expertise, and objectivity help retail organizations build market-facing applications that are agile, secure, and future-focused.


Personalization at Scale With AI

Learn about the mobile app that uses image analytics and machine learning to diagnose crop disease and prescribe treatment products. 

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