Reimagine Pricing Optimization

The Opportunity

Market trends shift quickly, and retailers must fine-tune their pricing strategies alongside these shifts — in real time and at scale. We can help you increase the profitability of your inventory and strengthen your competitive advantage through automated pricing recommendations powered by machine learning. 


of online shoppers choose a retailer based on its prices. 

Source: NPR; Online Shopping And The Power Of Amazon

Transform your operations and gain market share

By mining insights from marketplace, consumer, and competitor data, retailers can leverage machine learning to forecast industry shifts and make proactive changes to their marketing, merchandising, and pricing strategies. 

How We Help

Real-time recommendations

Get real-time recommendations to optimize your pricing by product, location, or inventory levels, and keep your pricing optimized as new data becomes available.

Systems Integration

Dynamically optimize your pricing and bi-directionally connect to source systems to keep operations running smoothly.

What-if Scenario Modeling

Define pricing scenarios and understand potential implications of changing your pricing before committing changes to your systems.