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The Agriculture Industry is undergoing a transformation. Growers of all sizes face the challenge of producing more, using fewer resources.

Although technology has brought about great improvements within the industry, growers still struggle to overcome a number of challenges that can significantly impact their bottom lines. The advent of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) has made it possible to overcome these hurdles.

Our Machine Learning solutions deliver new methods that better predict yields and improve forecasting, while our expertise in imagery analytics helps to extract meaningful information from large sets of imagery to make better decisions at scale.

Advanced Imagery Analytics

The proliferation of imagery data has resulted in a previously untapped mass of insights, empowering growers with meaningful information about crop health, yield patterns, climate factors, and much more. 

Accurate and timely classification of these images could be the competitive advantage you need to:

  • Predict crop adaptation and increase output
  • Identify, manage, and prevent crop disease  
  • Optimize your business in new and innovative ways

We are experienced in multi-resolution satellite, drone, and terrestrial imagery classification, helping growers expose new insights, leading to better decision-making and new possibilities for improvement.

Digital Twin For Prescriptive Simulation

Uncover opportunities at scale based on real-time data collection, statistical modeling, and predictive simulations. 

We help companies create groundbreaking digital business models by relentlessly asking and answering the why, what, and how of your company's future way of doing business.

Through the application of digital twin technology, we create testable hypotheses and deliver insights at scale. We offer digital solutions, such as:

  • Real-time automated analysis pipeline
  • Decision prescription automation 
  • Lovable customer experiences 
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Learn about the mobile app that uses machine learning to diagnose crop disease and recommend treatments in real time.

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Meet Our Experts

We have assembled a team of industry-leading innovators with more than 40 collective years of broad and deep experience in global agriculture.

Jason Bull, Ph.D., VP, Machine Learning Solutions
Jason Bull, Ph.D
VP of Machine Learning Solutions
Tonya Ehlmann, Director, Business Strategy
Tonya Ehlmann, MBA
Director of Business Strategy
Xiao Yang, Ph.D., Director, Machine Learning Solutions
Xiao Yang, Ph.D
Director of Machine Learning


global businesses at Fortune 500 companies, de-risking product deployments, and unlocking $Billions


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algorithms that predict commercial success and using those predictions to prescriptively optimize supply chains


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