Grails Support & Consulting

Grails support and consulting services are offered by our Grails Team, which comprises Grails co-founders and the Grails core development team, along with subject matter experts from around the globe.

Migration to Grails 3.0

We can help accelerate your migration – or manage it start to finish – so you can stay focused on other business.

Backup Support

Let our engineers help you address team bandwidth issues, maintaining or advancing projects while your team remains engaged in priority activities.

Whole Project Outsourcing

We offer advanced expertise in customizing and enhancing the Grails Framework and can work alongside your team as you deploy and maintain Grails projects.

Our engineering teams work together to provide you with clear estimates, schedules and projections, pulling from our suite of services, including AngularJS, UI/UX, DevOps, and more, as needed.

More Grails Services

We offer architecture and design review, including:

  • Rapid prototyping, troubleshooting, and debugging
  • Customizing, modifying, and extending the Framework
  • Feature and application development
  • Integration assistance and support
  • Up to 24/7 commercial support*

* If you are a government agency using Grails, ask about Object Computing's SLA-based commercial support options to ensure compliance with DISA STIG.

Sponsor Grails Feature Development!

We love to acknowledge those clients who fund plugin, feature, or other development work, and allow us to "give it back" to the community! Our clients appreciate that when they “Open Source” development, they enable the community to further enhance, battle test, and improve it for all ... in real time!

Version Support

For information on Grails Version Support, please click here.

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