Grails Features & Benefits

By leveraging sensible defaults and convention-over-configuration, the Grails Framework significantly increases developer productivity and reduces the time and effort necessary to develop complex apps.



Developer Efficiency. Incorporating convention over configuration, Grails eliminates much of the configuration effort typically required in building robust web applications.

Reusability. The Grails framework applies the “Don't Repeat Yourself” (DRY) principle, thereby eliminating repetition and hidden bugs, and enabling faster and easier enhancements.

Ease of Java Integration. Grails developers take advantage of the extensive libraries developed for the JVM, even those not written in Groovy.

Agility. Iterative development is a hallmark of the Grails framework, because teams can carve out functionality in short sprints, with checkpoints and testing along the way. The built-in testing framework helps maintain code quality throughout the development process and reduces defects in the final product.


Increased Developer Productivity. Grails was specifically designed to facilitate developer productivity. The efficiency and precision of the code means faster development with fewer bugs and less code. Grails includes a development time reloading agent to support the dynamic reloading of code changes, thereby reducing the number of container restarts in the development environment.

Plug-Ins. The Grails plugin system enables code reuse across projects, allowing development teams to spend less time solving common web problems and more time focused on implementing real business requirements.

Low Maintenance. Foundational design assumptions eliminate the need for boilerplate code and account for an easier-to-navigate framework for developers, thereby reducing maintenance complexity and project costs.

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The Grails Framework supports the development of many application types, including e-commerce websites, content management systems (CMS), and RESTful web services.

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