Grails Roadmap

Grails 4.0 (Q1 2019)

  • Groovy 2.5
  • GORM 7.0 (Hibernate 5.2 minimum, Java 8 baseline)
  • Java 8 Baseline
  • Java 11 Support
  • Spring 5.1
  • Spring Boot 2.1
  • Micronaut Integration

Grails 3.3 (Q2 2017)

The general roadmap for 3.3, note that some of these features will be released earlier as plugins for all version of Grails 3.x:

  • AngularJS 2.0 Static Scaffolding
  • Non-blocking, lightweight, lower memory Netty profile
  • Support for controllers, REST, persistence and Angular from previous release in the Netty profile
  • RxGORM for SQL (initial Postgres Async, RxJDBC support)
  • New Testing API based on Traits
  • GORM 6.1 - Useful GORM Services (TransactionService, TenantService, SessionService, ConnectionService), AST Transformations (@WithTenant, @WithSession, @Transactional), Improvements to Mapping DSL
  • Type checking / CompileStatic support for GSPs

Grails 3.4

  • Hadoop YARN profile
  • GORM for HBase

Version Support

Learn more about the Grails version support schedule.

Grails 3.1.x will enter Maintenance Mode July 1, 2019.  We encourage users of Grails 3.1.x to upgrade to Grails 3.3 to take advantage of the latest Grails 3 innovations.

Additional Support

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