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Grails Quickcasts, brought to you through a partnership between OCI and DZone, provide bite-sized tutorials to help you maximize your productivity with the Grails Framework.

Quickcast #1: Grails Interceptors

In the first Grails Quickcast, Grails co-founder, Jeff Scott Brown, talks Grails interceptors.

(Yes, create-interceptor actually creates an interceptor. Mind. Blown.)

This Quickcast assumes only basic familiarity with Groovy and the MVC concept (which you already know).

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Quickcast #2: JSON Views

In Grails Quickcast #2, Grails co-founder, Jeff Scott Brown, starts with a Grails 3.1.1 application created with a standard web profile and demonstrates how to add custom domain classes using JSON views.

This Quickcast assumes basic knowledge of Grails, JSON, and REST APIs.

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Quickcast #3: Multi-Project Builds

In the third video in the Grails Quickcast series, Grails co-founder, Graeme Rocher, walks you through multi-project builds in Grails.

Graeme demonstrates some of the handy things you can do with multi-project builds in Grails, including instantly seeing your changes as you make adjustments to your plugins. 

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Quickcast #4: Angular Scaffolding

In Quickcast #4, Grails team member, James Kleeh, walks you through the process of using the Angular Scaffolding for Grails to build a fully functional web app, using a simple blog format for demonstration.

The tutorial explains how to have Grails set up a REST endpoint and all the Angular modules needed to get the web app running.

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Quickcast #5: Retrieving Runtime Config Values in Grails 3

In the fifth Grails Quickcast, Grails co-founder, Jeff Scott Brown, describes several techniques for retrieving configuration values at runtime and discusses the pros and cons of each.

For this Quickcast, you’ll need no more than a basic understanding of Grails.

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Quickcast #6: Developing Grails 3 Applications with IntelliJ IDEA

In the sixth Grails Quickcast, Grails co-founder, Jeff Scott Brown, introduces a number of tips and tricks to help you simplify the process of building Grails 3 applications in IDEA. 

IntelliJ IDEA is a high-productivity Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for building a variety of types of applications.

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Quickcast #7: Logging with Grails 3

This Quickcast, presented by Grails team member, Sergio del Amo Caballero, introduces a variety of tips and tricks related to logging with a Grails 3 application.

Sergio discusses the changes to logger names in Grails 3.3 and some things to bear in mind when logging in Grails artifacts and Groovy POGOs. 

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Quickcast #8: Grails React Profile

In the eighth installment in the Grails Quickcast series, Grails team member Zachary Klein, demonstrates how to use the Grails 3 React profile, a profile that allows you to build Grails applications with a React frontend.

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Quickcast #9: GORM Many-to-One Relationship – Replacing a Collection

In Grails Quickcast #9, Grails team member, Sergio Del Amo Caballero, explains how to efficiently replace a many-to-one collection using a minimal number of queries and leveraging cascade behavior.

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