Developing React Apps with Grails 3

In this 60-minute on-demand webinar, you will learn how Grails and React work together to simplify web app development.

This webinar is a useful tutorial for Grails developers interested in adding React or another front-end framework/library to their projects. Front-end developers are also encouraged to discover what Grails has to offer in a modern web development workflow.


React is the JavaScript view library from our friends at Facebook. Rather than providing a "full-stack framework" for the front end, React focuses entirely on being the 'V' in MVC.

In this complimentary webinar, you'll learn how Grails developers can leverage React in their projects. We'll demonstrate several ways to use these two frameworks together, including an introduction to the React profile for Grails.


  • Understand the modern front-end development workflow
  • Learn approaches to integrating React apps with Grails
  • Explore advanced techniques, including security and deployment


The following topics are covered in this webinar:

  • Overview of React and build tooling
  • 3 Approaches to building Grails projects with React
  • The React profile
  • Spring Security REST
  • Unified deployment