Groovy 3 & Beyond: An Insider's Guide

In this 60-minute, on-demand webinar, Paul King introduces the features you can expect in Apache Groovy 3.0 and provides a peek at what's planned for Groovy 4+.


Groovy 3 is approaching feature-complete status and is targeted for release over the coming months.

In this complimentary webinar, Groovy Project Lead, Paul King, provides inside information on the release schedule and introduces the improvements and new features you can expect, including a new parser, improved JDK 9-14 support, and tooling enhancements.

Find out what the team has planned in the latest iteration of the language, and get a sneak peek at what's in the pipeline for Groovy 4!

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The following topics are covered in this webinar.

  • Groovy roadmap for version 3
  • An overview of the new parser
    • Lambda syntax and method/constructor references
    • Improved looping and Java compatibility (try with resources)
    • New operators (safe indexing, Elvis assignment, negated variants)
    • The var reserved type
    • Default methods in interfaces
  • Improved JDK 9+ support
    • Split packaging and illegal access remediation
  • Tooling improvements
  • A peek at what's planned for Groovy 4 and beyond


Previous exposure to Groovy is a plus, but no detailed knowledge is assumed.


Although everyone is welcome, this webinar is most useful to developers who use Java or Groovy (including any of the many projects in the Groovy ecosystem), as well as anyone with an interest in JVM languages

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