Groovy 2.5 Update

In this 60-minute on-demand webinar, Paul King introduces the latest features in Groovy 2.5 and provides a peek at what's planned for Groovy 3.0.

In this webinar, you will be introduced to the latest features in Groovy 2.5 and get a peek at what's planned for Groovy 3.0, including new AST transforms, new macro features, the new Parrot parser, and myriad other miscellaneous features.


The following topics are covered in this webinar.

  • AST Macros – write AST transformations and code generation or matching code in a Groovy friendly syntax
  • AST Transformations – new transforms and improvements including revamped versions of @Canonical and @Immutable
  • New DGM capabilities and library improvements – tap command, miscellaneous improvements
  • Improved tool support, including groovysh and Groovy console
  • Improvements throughout the libraries – JSON improvements, CliBuilder with annotations
  • The Parrot Parser – Java syntax alignment, new features, advanced capabilities
  • JDK9: support, limitations and on-going work

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