Grails QuickCast #6: Developing Grails 3 Applications With IntelliJ IDEA

Grails Quickcasts, brought to you through a partnership between OCI and DZone, provide bite-sized tutorials to help you maximize your productivity with the Framework.

Developing Grails 3 Applications with IntelliJ IDEA

Grails 3 is a high-productivity framework for building web applications for the JVM.

IntelliJ IDEA is a high-productivity Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for building a variety of application types. IDEA has always had great support for building Grails applications and, in particular, has the best support of any IDE for developing with Grails 3.

In the sixth Grails Quickcast, Grails co-founder, Jeff Scott Brown, introduces several tips and tricks related to building Grails 3 applications in IDEA. 

Meet the Presenter

Jeff Scott Brown | Grails and Micronaut Co-Founder

Jeff Scott Brown

Grails Co-Founder

Grails co-founder and OCI Grails Practice Lead, Jeff Scott Brown, has been doing JVM application development for as long as the JVM has existed. 

Jeff co-authored The Definitive Guide to Grails Second Edition and The Definitive Guide to Grails 2, in partnership with Grails co-founder and OCI Grails Team Lead, Graeme Rocher.

Jeff is a regular public speaker on Grails, Groovy, and other JVM-related technologies. He has spent most of the last decade focused specifically on work related to the Grails framework and recently co-founded the Micronaut framework.