Grails Quickcast #9: GORM Many-to-One Relationship – Replacing a Collection

Grails Quickcasts, brought to you through a partnership between OCI and DZone, provide bite-sized tutorials to help you maximize your productivity with the Framework.

GORM Many-to-One Relationship: REplacing a Collection

GORM, a powerful Groovy-based data-access toolkit for the JVM, enables simplified creation of many-to-one relationships.

In this Quickcast, OCI Grails team member, Sergio Del Amo Caballero, explains how to efficiently replace a many-to-one collection with a minimal number of queries and by leveraging cascade behavior. 

Meet the Presenter

Sergio del Amo | Grails Team Member

Sergio del Amo Caballero

Grails Team Member

OCI Grails Team member, Sergio del Amo, is an experienced web and mobile developer. He likes to create products, understand them, and evolve them.

For the past six years, Sergio has been developing Grails applications, and he is currently involved with client work, Grails Guides, Grails Plugins, and other aspects of the Framework. He feels genuinely empowered by Grails and likes how succinct and powerful Groovy is.

Since April 2015, Sergio has been the author of Groovy Calamari, a weekly newsletter about the Groovy Ecosystem: Grails, Geb, Gradle, and Ratpack.