Grails Quickcast #8: Grails React Profile

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Grails React Profile

In this Quickcast, OCI Grails Team Member, Zachary Klein, demonstrates how to use the Grails 3 React profile to build Grails applications with a React front-end.

In particular, Zak shows you how to create a single project build, which allows you to mix React code with common Grails-view technologies, such as GSP.

Moreover, he discusses the different Gradle tasks bundled with the profile and the typical workflow you may use while using it.

Meet the Presenter

Zachary Klein | Grails Team Member

Zachary Klein

Grails Team Member

OCI Grails team member, Zachary Klein, has been practicing Java web development for more than 6 years and has been practicing React/Angular development for the past 2 years.

Beginning as an independent consultant in 2010, he has worked in a wide variety of domains, including real estate, analytics, and e-commerce. Zachary has most recently taken an interest in the intersection of modern frontend frameworks/practices and the Grails stack. He is the author of the webpack and React profiles for Grails, as well as a contributor to Grails Guides and other projects around the framework.

Zachary's home base is in St Louis, MO., along with his wife, Beth, and two programming protégés (a.k.a. sons), John and Timothy.