Single-Page Apps Simplified with Grails and Vue.js

Watch this 1-hour, on-demand webinar to learn how to boost your productivity when building single-page applications (SPAs) by combining the dynamic functionality of Grails with a front-end powered by the Vue.js library.


This is a great opportunity for Grails developers to add a new skill to their coding toolboxes! General web and JVM developers are also encouraged to discover what Grails has to offer modern web development practices.


Vue.js is a modern, pragmatic JavaScript library designed for building user interfaces. Vue borrows good ideas from React and Angular, then adds a slew of features to enhance developer experience and productivity. Interest in Vue is through the roof, and for good reason.  

Grails includes a Vue profile for building applications with a Vue front-end. In addition, Grails offers several features that make it an ideal back-end framework for single-page apps (SPAs), including JSON views and JWT authentication with the Spring Security REST plugin.

In this webinar, Object Computing software engineer, Zachary Klein, introduces the Vue.js library and walks you through a Grails project using Vue, REST, and JWT security. He completes the demonstration by demonstrating the steps necessary to build an executable JAR file with Grails and Vue.


The following topics are covered in this webinar:

  • Introduction to Vue.js
  • Overview of the Vue profile for Grails
  • Overview of Spring Security REST with JWT
  • Demonstration of how to implement JWT security with Grails and Vue
  • Demonstration of a sample project using Grails and Vue
  • Demonstration of an executable JAR build with Gradle