Grails Case Studies & Solutions

The Grails® framework is the high-productivity toolkit enabling innovators worldwide to build robust, scalable enterprise web applications.

e-Commerce Platforms

Today's savvy consumers expect e-commerce platforms to deliver engaging, intuitive shopping experiences and reliable, secure checkout systems. E-commerce merchants require the underlying technology to be robust enough to support their operations and agile enough to quickly and easily accommodate market, product, and traffic expansion.

The open source Grails framework offers all the back-end power necessary to fulfill merchant needs with no vendor lock-in, contracts, license management, or run-time licensing fees. At the same time, it provides developers the flexibility to build modern applications that delight shoppers and support exceptional customer service.

See how a global online ticket reseller expanded into a new market with an e-commerce platform built with the Grails framework.

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Manufacturing Information Systems

Due to the highly distributed nature of some manufacturing systems, application development tools and technology must be flexible and capable of supporting high transaction rates and low response times.

The Grails framework offers a powerful foundation designed to enable development teams to spend less time solving common web problems and more time implementing real business requirements. Additionally, the Grails framework is based on the Java platform and integrates with multiple mainstream technologies, including Groovy, Spring, Hibernate, and Gradle, allowing many companies to seamlessly merge upgrades with existing systems.

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