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Cost-Efficiency through Embedded Security: A Strategic Approach to Software Development

Safeguarding your business is not just a necessity but a strategic investment that pays dividends in various ways. Join us for an insightful webinar where we uncover the journey to embrace a Secure by Design (SbD) approach in software solutions. Experts Andrew Montgomery and Janelle Morris discuss SbD insights on successful implementation, key learnings, and the financial benefits of SbD.

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Gen AI and Mitigating Risks for Technology Leaders

Generative AI has emerged as a revolutionary catalyst, presenting unparalleled abilities in content creation, problem-solving, and innovation. It also carries inherent risks, from ethical considerations to data security, making effective risk management crucial. In this webinar, Vice President of Strategy Andrew Montgomery, AI leader Dr. Yaqi Chen, and Security Engineer Brandon Lynch delve into the world of Gen AI and provide strategic insights on mitigating associated risks.

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Overcoming AI Adoption Challenges: 5 Essential Strategies for Enterprise Leaders in 2024

AI is rapidly transforming businesses of all sizes, and leaders need to plan for how AI can help future-proof their businesses. In this lively session, Vice President of Strategy Andrew Montgomery and AI leader Dr. Yaqi Chen share proven and actionable strategies for overcoming obstacles to AI adoption and expansion.

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How AI and Geospatial Technology Deliver More Safety:

Object Computing's transportation experts provide a demonstration and Q+A on how the next generation of AI and geospatial capabilities advanced a Class 1 rail company's approach to track maintenance.

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Transparency in AI: Why Explainability Matters

As AI systems become more complex, it's important to understand how they make decisions. Explainability is a set of techniques that can be used to make AI systems more transparent. Learn more about explainable AI in this recorded webinar, presented by Dr. Yaqi Chen and Madison Koehler of Object Computing.

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Micronaut Webinars

Learn more about the Micronaut® Framework and expand your expertise with complimentary technical webinars delivered by members of the core Micronaut engineering team!

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Grails Webinars

Learn more about the Grails® Framework and expand your expertise with complimentary technical webinars developed by members of the core Grails engineering team!

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